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What Other Readers Have To Say

"I have found India Focus to be very helpful in understanding key trends in India."

Executive Vice President, Asia Society, USA

"This is one of the best, clearest, most succinct and focused journals I read on a regular basis...provides me and my colleagues with some excellent insights"

- Vice President (Asia/Pacific), Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America, USA

"India Focus stands out as one of the best publications on corporate affairs in India....its focus is not retrospective but forward looking"

- First Secretary (Economic & Commercial), Royal Netherlands Embassy in India

"..a fine product...would be useful for anyone who wishes to do business in India"

- Australian High Commissioner to India

"I find this publication extremely useful...which we can rely on"

- Managing Director, Groupe Lipha, France

"I find it extremely useful and insightful....of great assistance"

- Commercial Counsellor, Royal Danish Embassy in India

" of the most incisive analysis on Indian politics that I have come across"

- Canadian Deputy High Commissioner to India

"We find India Focus very informative"

India Coordinator, Chevron Overseas, USA

"The analysis (of India Focus) is indeed sharp"

- Managing Director, ING Barings Bank

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