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E 10/9 (2nd Floor), Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 110 057, India
TEL: +91 11 615 1801    FAX: +91 11 615 2219


We are a political and business risk consultancy which provides research, assessments and strategic advice on key Indian developments to international investors, industry chambers, financial institutions, think tanks, law firms and foreign governments.  We monitor and study a whole range of important issues in India, analyze their inter-dependency, build likely future scenarios, and predict their short and long-term impact on the ground.   We also assist foreign investors in many practical areas of help, such as joint-ventures, business and market-related research and identification of company-specific opportunity.

Major areas of work include:

  • political and business forecasts
  • analysis of 'softer' areas, such as cross-cultural issues, media, public opinion and bureaucracy
  • analysis of investment conditions and political risks

  • short-to-medium term country strategy

  • long-term prospective planning

We maintain extensive contacts with key people in Indian industry, government, media, apex bodies and policy-making institutions, and this allows us to develop a high level of insight into local trends.  We also publish India Focus, a bi-monthly consultancy briefing on India for international investors and organizations.

We strive to provide an unmatched degree of quality, objectivity, confidentiality and ethical approach.

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